Alien Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins Part One

Today I finally managed to sit down and set myself up a game of Prodos Games newest game Alien Vs Predator. First thing I found slightly annoying is that as off yet there is no excel spreadsheet to keep a track of stats like the ones in the book, this isn’t a critasism against Prodos as I am sure that someone will produce one soon.

Funded through kickstarter way back in 2013 it’s been a bit of a chequered start for AvP.

The AvP Box

To begin with I played the Survival Arena Mode which is a single player game where a player controls a faction, in my case the Predators that came straight out of the box, Against the entire might of the Aliens.

I thought at first that this was rather stupid and after a botched first turn where I was trying to roll over number on the stat sheets, I realised I was supposed to be rolling under the target number, at which point after a restart things started going much better for me.

A crib sheet probably would have sped the game up dramatically as it was my first time playing but after the first turn I managed to remember most of what I was supposed to be doing, the only major thing I forgot throughout the game is that Aliens Warriors have the Acid Spit special rule which could have drastically changed how I ended up playing the Predators.

The first turn saw the Aliens win the initiative and managing to get one of the doors open to where my predators where hiding, using the Plasma Caster and a thrown Smart Disc I managed to open my tally scoring two kills, with my combi-stick predator to move aside I managed to confuse the movement of the Aliens and buy myself some time, unfortunately another door was opened which ment turn two would see me fighting on two fronts.

Luckily for the start of turn two I managed to get the initiative, after a few good swings with the Smart Disc I had thinned the alien numbers approaching from one side off the board to enable a quick exit, luckily the aliens managed to open a third door which saw the brrod pouring in from two directions as I retreated in a third.

Some good rolls saw me thin down the Warriors which left just the infants which are no where near as scary, the acid pools from the dead Aliens also managed to funnel even more Aliens into a killing corridor.

By the end of turn three the game was moving at a very swift pace and saw me take the field, unfortunately none of the predators gained enough kills to gain the next level and gain any skills but hopefully after the next game that shouldn’t be to much of a problem.

The main rulebook is packed with rules for many things and also includes many, many examples. Some bits are a bit far to find, the Alien ‘spit’ attack I could only find the stats in one off the examples whilst trying to play.

All in a solid game the Predators are fun and the aliens seem a bit underpowered but hopefully a few releases will balance that out. It’s definitely more in keeping with the Alien movies than the AvP movies.


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