Angry Invisible Monsters!

Hi everybody! Since the wife is due to give birth to another future gamer this week I’m writing this before I’ve received my Great Devourer boxed set which FFG claim is due to be here this week!  So next week I will do an unboxing and review of the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest but this week I’m going to provide you with a deck based on a suggestion by Darren Swancott; Titilated Mooncalf.

Before I launch into the list I think we should explore this little character a bit more.  So he’s cheap and cheerful and his stats are not worth noting but his rules text is where he starts to get interesting.  This triggers when you play a card or resource that provides at least one obsession and it’s important to note that there’s not anything that your opponent can do about it most of the time since you play a resource as a trigger from your faction card which in turn triggers this.  In the Spoils you can only respond to cards being played and abilities being used and this is neither so basically once per turn you get to make a character covert.  Something to bear in mind with covert is that a covert character cannot block a non-covert party so sometimes it might be worth picking an opponents blocker…

Onto the list itself then; I chose to use Warlord and Arcanist as warlord has the best cost to strength efficiency available to us.  Obviously we need to be running a lot of obsession so we’re going to curb the threshold on rage at two and play thirteen copies of the purple resource.  The deck will be aggressive so we’ve curbed the costs too, we don’t want to run out of steam too early.

Faction: The Tournament Faction

Resources (15)
2  Rage (starting)
13 Obsession

Characters (38)
4  Titillated Mooncalf
4  Rapacious Soldier
4  Boorish Boar
4  Minion of Thabbash
4  Sadistic Colonel
2  Reckless Challenger
4  Deadly Striker
4  Plunging Shriever
4  Special Forces
4  Witty Worm

Tactics (22)
4  Obscure
2  Penetrate
4  Fistfight
4  Air Travel
4  Dragon Juice
4  Quotidian Assassination

The characters fall broadly into two categories; aggressive face beaters and covert facilitators.  The face beaters are pretty obviously in the deck because they deal damage to your opponents influence total in a pretty hefty way.  Mooncalf combos with Minion of Thabbash pretty well and Witty Worm is a solid character anyway but can allow you a double use from the main man.  Special Forces, Deadly Striker and Sadistic Colonel all punish your opponent throughout the game on their own merits whilst Plunging Shriever allows a more traditional attacking party to be formed behind his four speed to clear blockers.

The tactics all follow the theme of either granting covert or removing blockers with the exception of Dragon Juice which can really pour on the pressure or end a game from nowhere.  Fistfight seems like an odd choice since you can’t play it from hand but it actually works well since you need it more often in the late game and hiding it in your resource row is pretty nifty.  The prime sacrifice for it is Deadly Striker since you’ll be burning your opponent at the same time.  Also remember that sometimes the best target for a sudden outbreak of sneaky is on the opposite team…

In practice the deck plays much like any other aggro deck with the added bonus that most other decks don’t really run that much covert.  It’s very easy to pour cards into play and run out of steam though and for that reason I would stick firmly to playing a resource every turn.  This will ensure that in the late game you have the tools you need to snatch the game.  A nice bonus of doing this version of a covert deck is that your characters can block and then attack covertly.  Before when I’ve built covert decks the other aggressive decks just out raced it but that shouldn’t be quite so clear cut here!

So hopefully this will inspire you to try either this deck or something similar please do let me know how it goes!  Next week I should be back with Conquest and baby news but keep your combo suggestions coming in so that I can continue to brew decks on your behalf!   Toodle Pip! – Mark

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