Toooo Infinity!!!

To INFINITY!!!!!!!!!

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So Infinity. You probably heard of the anime inspired game from Spanish developers Corvus Belli. They had a release of 3rd edition (N3) last year and there was a big buzz about the two player boz set; Operation Icestorm.

Infinity is a game system which adapts to how you want to fight, rather than one that dictates how you fight. Infinity plays like an RPG at heart.

This makes a lot of sense as Infinity actually started as an RPG setting and still features some of the characters from that period. The most distinctive part of the system is the Automatic Reaction Order (ARO). Rule is anything on the board can react to an action in the opponents turn IF they can see them. The reaction can be as diverse as “shoot back” to “enter cyberspace, hack their brain cube and make them stand still”.

The RPG element is clear in the dice mechanics too. Everything in Infinity is opposed dice rolls.

I fire three shots from my rifle in my turn, you respond by getting one ARO shot.


I need to roll under my Ballistic Skill of (say) 12 to hit, as do you.


I get a 4, 17 and a 11. You get a 10.


Your my 17 is a miss. Your 10 cancels my 4. My 11 cancels your 10 and so I hit you once.

This sounds complicated at first, until you realise it is the same mechanic as most RPG’s (albeit streamlined), and that most games have fewer than 12 miniatures on each side.


Once you get your head around these mechanics the rest is a breeze. Playing a game where there are a dozen approaches to a problem is so satisfying. No two games are ever the same as the order mechanics mean that you spend orders as actions rather than each miniature does something each turn. Yesterday my mercenary samurai on a motorbike used all his mate’s orders to ride down a flank gunning down remote tachikoma style robots and cutting power armoured knights in half. My opponent used his orders to set up a horrendous cross fire ambush and killed a load of my guys in my own phase.

I am around Mondays at Athena Games playing infinity with a few folk. If you have some miniatures going dusty; bring em down. If you have no idea what I am talking about; Come see and have an intro game. At the very least have a peruse at the website that features free rules, printout templates an a kick ass army builder:

I have gone 400 words without mentioning how cool the miniatures are. Feast your eyes on these sweet treats my friends, and Stay Connected….

Infinity The Game

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