Gates of Antares Special Launch Edition Model


Kai Lek’s squad was just one of these that found itself searching the ruins when they were ambushed by a force of Vorl. Even the IMTel had failed to detect the presence of the Vorl, and the Concord force was rapidly overcome. Kai Lek led his squad out from the ruins into the open from where they were transported back to their ship.

They were one of very few survivors, and none doubted that it was only Kai Lek’s extraordinary bravery and steely determination that ensured his entire squad made it back alive. Kai Lek himself was wounded numerous times during the retreat from the tunnels, but he still managed to drag a badly injured comrade from the claws of the Vorl and fight his way through an enemy blocking force to escape their chitinous clutches.

Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin – The special Launch Edition miniature

Rules for using Kai Lek in your games can be found along with his points value within the pages of Beyond the Gates of Antares.

The towers soared above the jungle, thrusting skyward like ascending starcraft, vast and forbidding even in ruin. No one knew what race had built the towers nor for what purpose they were raised. Despite the best efforts of the Concord’s exploration teams the multi-layered maze of buildings and tangled passageways beneath remained unfathomed. ‘Spotters for’ard five yan scout orange.’

The squad leader spoke softly and the squad’s two spotter drones glided silently ahead at his command. Kai Lek Atastrin motioned for the rest of the squad to wait. The drones’ eyes would do the work for now, checking the passages and rooms that lay in their path.The mechanical clicks that recorded the machines’ progress played out into Kai’s combat shard interface. The full spectrum of the drones’ cameras relayed their ghostly images onto his visor’s screen. Seeing what they saw. Sensing everything their mechanical senses were able to discover.

At Kai’s signal the squad hoisted their plasma carbines and followed their leader beneath the first archway. The walls, sheer and dark, rough-hewn from stone that glittered with embedded mica, rose over and enclosed them. As the drones explored the ruin, a map began to unfold in the unit’s combat shard. Kai watched as little pulses of light advanced across his visor’s screen, each member of the squad a green dot, the two drones yellow in the distance. He felt a keen responsibility for those tiny green dots.This was their first taste of fighting outside the simulators. He had not lost a trooper in three years of fighting. He was not about to start now.


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