Guild Ball Norfolks First Tournament – Part One

My local FLGS Athena Games will on th 17th October at their Norwich store, the event is sanctioned and should be running using the Tie Breaker system that saw action earlier in the year at various Tournaments. So now I have  a few to finish painting my team, possibly even buy the last to players I need for a complete team, build a goal worthy of my team, which after the tournament will be stripped and then repainted as I am noy happy with how they look at the moment. So all in I have a goal I have a day of hopefully awesome fights, possibly even a bit off football, and hopefully will do it all with a (slightly badly) team of my choosing.


As time creeps by I will periodically update this article as my painting progresses which at the moment is very slowly.

But for more information or to join up keep up with the fun there is a Facebook page for the Norfolk Open Guild ball Tournament

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