The Great Devourer Arrives!

The time has come for the unleashing of the great devourer !  No I’m not talking about my son (he still refuses to enter the real world – smart lad) but the Tyranids for Warhammer 40’000 Conquest!  Yes that’s right folks a mere two months of waiting have flown past and now I have in my grubby little mitts on the first deluxe expansion for the game!  Watch the unboxing here!

I think that I’m not alone in expecting good things from this set; the core set delivered huge value and the warlord cycle in combination has really captured the ethos of the setting.  For those of you reading this that don’t know the lore (all three of you) the 41st Millennium is the war-torn grim-dark setting for Games Workshops sci-fi battle game Warhammer 40’000 and in this era there is ONLY war.  Yep, no time for sandwiches or Rugby World Cups or any of that fun, just war!  Part of my hope for this set was that the Tyranids would be captured as an unstoppable never ending wave of gribbly things that are at your planet to eat everything!  That’s right; everything.  I think they’ll leave the pot noodles until last though!  At first glance I’m not disappointed.  It seems that once again FFG have looked at the fluff and designed cards and mechanics that fit the low cunning of the hive mind and constantly hurl forwards legions of tiny bitey bugs!  I am one happy 40K fan!

The other thing we were all praying to the Laughing God (or insert appropriate god name here) for is another race that is competitive.  In the current meta Dark Eldar, their less damned cousins Eldar and Space Marines all shine predominately whilst the other races lag behind to varying degrees.  That prayer seems to have been answered from what I have seen and that’s a great thing to know.  The card pool for the nids is large and varied enough from this box to allow some wriggle room on deck construction but what’s available seems strong so I’m happy here too.

So it seems that this surprising small box has delivered what I wanted but who is it really for?  Firstly it’s for fans of the hive mind, it allows existing players a chance to try a new faction and gives new guys a cheaper buy in (providing they only want to play Tyranids).  There are cards for each of the existing races in the box but realistically I think they’re not necessary for experienced players of those factions so if you don’t want to play Nids and aren’t an avid “must have everything” collector you could let it slide for now.  Having said that I think the decks you can build from this box alone will be fun, competitive and keep the game alive so I’d highly recommend it!

Next week I will post up a deck list based upon my initial thoughts straight out of the box and give it a whirl under the camera (technology and time permitting) but just so you know what to expect it will be a Swarmlord led army with the Savage Warrior Prime synapse creature.  Initially I felt Gravid Tervigon would be a better choice but on reflection the warrior seems like a stronger selection.  I’m still pretty keen to throw down as many tiny termagants as I can as quickly as I can though!

Let the infestation begin! – Mark



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