Reappearances Can Be Deceptive!

Hello again fellow cardboard addicts!  This week we head back to the Spoils to do one of my favourite things; discard pile shenanigans!  The reason I love re-animator decks is that even though they are inevitably a little telegraphed the shocking power available and the ability to turn most of your discard heap into an extension of your hand is a great opportunity!  I’ll start with the deck list:

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Swarming to Victory?

Welcome back!  This week I’ve actually managed to play some games of 40K Conquest using the new Nids.  As I wrote a few weeks ago when I unboxed the new set I think the Swarmlord is the way to go and so I built a deck focused around his and his signature squads abilities.  Basically the plan was to choke my opponent by using the free termagant tokens as cheap command icons.  Without further ado here is the first version;

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When You Play the Game of Thrones You Win or You Die!

Die?  Bloody hell Cersei it’s only a card game; can’t we just play strip instead?  Yes it has arrived, the Game of Thrones version 2.0 LCG from FFG is in my sweaty hands right now!  As you can probably tell I’m a bit excited about this and think it’s going to be huge.  This week I’m going to review the core set and basically try to make you all buy into it!
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Freebooters Fate: Battle Cards

Having been looking to get into Freebooters fate for sometime now I have finally started by buying the rule book and the cards to go with it, only to discover there are a new set of cards and another rule book I need.

Yes this little gem that I had found on a certain popular auction site is actually an upgrade if you will to the main card mechanic of the game. Boy dont i feel a bit stupid now, hopefully it does seem though that I can continue to start to play with the original deck of cards.

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