The Union Readies for War


With 16 days to go until the Norfolk Open competition at Athena I am thrown into a quandary.

The team I usually take is missing something but not really sure as to what, having only played less than a handful of games so to make things easier I have ordered the three missing players to complete the full team, now I just need to get them painted.

So the Captain is an easy choice of Blackheart or Blackheart, well I think I will have to go with Blackheart really there is just no comparison or other choice.

Same with the mascot Coin.

So that leaves me with four players and two ‘subs’ to be picked, or six players from which each game I will pick four to take to the pitch. Gutter seems to be an auto include in every team that she can play for, due to her Chain Grab and character traits which not only depletes opponents armour but also regenerates her health. Snakeskin is my auto include as since the very first game I played she has been scoring goals for me and is pretty handy in the brawl as well, her venomous strike making each strike that bit more potent.

Which leaves me with four more players to select for the squad, all are really good Mist whilst a bit fragile is a statistically good scorer and can pop up cloud banks of cover, Hemlocke my least favourite model of all, is a glass vase in midfield but can provide health support for the rest of the team by removing conditions.

Rage is on paper a melee moster who could be handy to have on the squad for those bashy teams I am likely to face as can swing for four damage gets free charges and if he causes damage can attack again for free, fangtooth, an ugly model but with 29 health an absolute tank able to inflict bleed condition on opponents and turns a small patch of ground around him into rough ground could be a good method of funneling play.

Decimate and Minx are both wingers and come with traits that help them out in combat, Minx being the model I really liked when starting mean that she will be in the last 8 and Decimate is able to generate a fair amount of momentum.

Averisse and Greede two characters, one selection, Averisse is the big bruiser of the pair with Greede being a little striker off incredible fragility, four hit points and icy sponges are out for the little guy so once he is gone that’s it, on the plus side if Avarisse carries him he losses all damage and conditions so can in theory regenerate, one thing I didn’t expect from Greede is that as long as he is close to Avarisse he gains +1 defence so becomes very hard to hit and with a Tac of 5 he can be quite dangerous on the charge.

Captain Blackheart

Mascot Coin

1 – Gutter

2 – Snakeskin

3 – Decimate

4 – Minx

5 – Avarisse and Greede

And now to the hardest part I have to choose between Mist, which would give me another striker, Hemlocke, Rage (CC Monster) or Fangtooth (an actual Monster

6 – to be decided


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