Gotham needs you!

As of this morning I received my Batman Miniatures Game Rulebook and after a brief flick through to see what all the fuss is about I can see why this game is gaining a lot of play at my local club. The main rulebook has all the rules etc in it and plenty of fluff and background story garnered from the whole Batman Universe much of which I was blissfully unaware of (such as the amount of different Robins there was).

Based at a skirmish level game there is something for everyone, you can be good, bad, or indifferent, really with all the major players in the universe seem to already have really nice metal miniatures. I have gone for the court of owls for my first crew so got the court of owls set, which is 4 models and the Gotham Butcher, which is a massive model of epic proportions.

The rule book is nicely laid out and at first glance seems to run well from one part to the next and has everything there that is needed, the rest being on individuals cards which come with the models, did i say I had the Court of Owls and may also have got the Green Arrow? Hopefully next month I can get a game in with local Batman guru at the club and learn the finer points of the game such as how to loose badly, but so far this looks like a nicely balanced skirmish game that I am going to spend a lot of hours enjoying.


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