365 Day Painting Challenge

The 365 Day Painting challenge that I started at the start of August has ground if not to a total gringing halt then at least a slower than expected steady crawl.

To date since starting the challenge I have completed about 15 Aliens from the AvP from Prodos Games and that is about all. Hopefully over the next week I will finish off my Union players for Guild Ball which will take the total to about 23 not bad seems ideally I would like to have been at about 60 to be on target.


Needless to say I have a lot of stuff coming in soon from various Kickstarters and such as well as a reasonable sized deliver off Frostgrave stuff to complete, just the other morning I built and undercoated 5 Batman miniatures as well as 5 or 6 dreadball figures so if I can get them done quicly that will almost put me right where I had intended to be, needless to say what I thought would be a rather easy target is looking like becoming a major chore. Hopefully on I will get some photos for the begining of next week to see where exactly things stand and just how far behing target I am, I do plenty of painting but I just get stuff painted and then either dont get them based or dont go the extra mile to ‘finish’ the model off. As I have a large army of 47th Commando that I painted to about 90% completion nut didnt get round to finishing so hopefully will get some off them done as well as the Halo starter set.


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