Scenic Scenery


Here are some work in progress shot of some fantasy scenery from War Games Terrain Workshop which I have been working on for the last week, after an undercoat of necrotic flesh this little side project has actually been really good fun and convinced me that getting some good quality scenery in is a must for the games I play.


This shot is ab out half way through grey rocks and a bone coloured skeleton is really making this pop, I am toying with the idea of basing with sand, the base is already textured so a wash over the brown and maybe a few dabs of highlight will probably work. There was one more photo after this but that will go on the next update as I found a very interesting little friend hidden on the scenery.

For a bit extra you can buy scenery pre painted, which given how far behind I am on personal projects might have been a good idea but as I said before this has been great fun to paint.


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