Site News October 2015

Breaking News,

We will be having a breaking news section each month where I will hopefully share good news stories with you as well as give a feel for what might be coming up in the next few weeks.

So for a recap September saw a month on month increase in traffic, thank you for all those who have helped spread the news and got involved either here by emailing me or on the Facebook Page. September also saw a massive amount of changes with Tabletop Games UK getting two new writters, The Evil Ben Screwby and also The UK number 1 Spoils player Mark/ I would like to thanks them both for helping out and I continue to look forward to what they produce next.

October sees a slew of releases coming, Dungeon Saga from Mantic (hopefully), Beyond the Gates of Antares from Warlord and also sees the run into a massive release schedule from NorthStar and Osprey for Frostgrave, and these are just things that I am looking at getting my hands on to play and review, hopefully Ben will be bringing more news from Mantic and Mark when he is back on form, I mean parental duties will be providing more deck Ideas for the Spoils.

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