Tenderiser Released Today


Today sees the release of the second season Two player for Guild Ball

Tenderiser is a beast and marks the start of dedicated goal keepers.


Here is what people really want to see, Tenderisers card with the rules and abilities

DSC_0667 DSC_0668

Tenderisers Traits will make it very difficult for your opponent to score getting a free Charge if within 4″ of the goal when an opponent model comes within 6″ so technically a whooping 10″ from the goal if you can pull it off well. Even if you totally mess up and end with Tenderiser on the wrong side of the goal as long as he is within 4″ of the goal any model shooting at the Butchers goal suffer +1 TN to shoot attempts.

If that wasn’t bad enough Tenderisers charactor plays add just more evil to a horrible opponent, Ground Pound (which the model looks like it is doing) causes all models within 3″ to suffer a 2″ push directly away from Tenderiser causes 2 damage and knocks them down, now while this sounds massively over powered it is 4 influence or 2GB so that will pretty much wipe out Tenderiser for the turn.

His last and personally funniest play, in my opinion, is a Seismic Kick which at a cost of just one influence Tenderiser can Kick the ball to another player, the pass can not be intercepted and what’s better is that all players that the ball path passes over suffer the knock down condition.

These plays probably put Tenderiser into the top of the table for most dangerous players.

Tenderiser can be brought directly from Steam Forged Games when you go to check out look out for a box to enter a code in if you enter DAR167 you will receive DOUBLE Guild Ball Credit on your order

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