Warpath, final day on Kickstarter

Major General Chard

Mantics latest Kickstarter has just a few hours left and at the moment is standing strong at just under $400,000 made on the kickstarter, my $1 is on as I am hoping to be able to add funds to it when they do the pledge manager.

The original Warpath didnt have a lot going for it really as the take up wasnt great and to be fair as a lot off it was the very first production models neither did the models, so what has changed, well to begin with the technology and design process of Mantic have moved on leaps and bounds since Warpath version One was funded, those old Enforcers were a nighmare the newer forge Guard and some of the newer Dreadball models were quite fun to work with and the Dreadball Coaches that I undercoated last week were off good quality.

So what has this latest Kickstarter funded, well quite a bit really, but unfortunately not enough to make me go ‘WOW’ maybe because I am becoming desensitized to the whole Kickstarter Mantic business model but because a lot off what is on offer has already been funded through design and production by other kickstarters, to see what I mean lets have a look at the Plague Army.

This was how the list was first introduced earlier in the campaign everything except the ’20 New 3rd Gens’ was funded during the original Deadzone Campaign, the Enforcers list sees even less ‘New’ Models as it is only the Kickstarter model that is not already either in production already or been funded by Deadzone 2.

The interceptors and in fact all the vehicles are all new and look very cool, but is this detracting away from the kickstarter idea?

To be fair most people don’t seem to mind and has made Mantic funded its game several times over, and for the gamer i.e. us it presents fabulous value for money, $75 for the starter set which when it hits retail will probably retail for £60 around $92.

This is the Basic 2 Player ‘Operation Heracles’ set.

You can get involved in the Kickstarter and save a bundle by going here.

There is no denying that the Mantic Kickstarter model of business is very effective and spawns a mass off fans and hype before the game even gets close to be released.


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