Z War One: Damnation


Well here is the board laid out for my first play through, of Z War One: Damnation, first though, before I explain how I tanked so badly at the game let me give you a brief overview.

So first off Z War One: Damnation pits up to four players against a zombie horde in a link series of scenarios, it does this by giving the zombies a very clever list of instructions to follow so that they move and shamble along just like they do in the movies. Slow and dumb until they sense or see their prey and then its just a massive charge, these instructions are easy to master and work really well, essentially meaning you can play the entire game as a solo game.

Each character has its own card which contains all the information needed to play so once you have got passed your first few turns, which can take a bit off time, the game speed starts ramping up dramatically, as you get used to how everything works and therefore only need to check the odd thing. The characters are fun and very individual and the game is detailed enough to even be able to track how much ammo has been expended.

Each season is a series of comic strips with a game ‘mission’ in between when I first heard about it I thought it was a really weird concept but I will admit to being hooked, I wouldn’t expect Stan Lee to pop up and whisk you back to the marvel days of comics high points but it moves the story along and serves as a different and effective way of delivering the back story, and is very stylised, currently I am waiting for season 2 as the comic for that wasn’t in the reviewers pack which is a shame, but if it had off been I would just be waiting for season 3.

The box contents I received of what is essentially a pre production version with all the problems you would expect to go with it, but although my copy came with a letter outlining the changes that will be made I will just write about the copy I received the models look good, I will put some pictures up on Facebook next week when they will hopefully all be completed, but are the  first run of the miniatures and as such there are a few imperfections which I am assured are being ironed out for the final version. The card stock is of good quality and look like they will stand up to a good amount off abuse.

So now you know a bit about the game, here is how I fared.

The first few turns were a bit boring as the zombies are so slow, I honestly thought I would be able to out run them pop off a few shots and finish the game after completing the mission, which was get from one side of the board to the other search a few rooms and get back to the start point. feeling slightly smug I set off preparing to lead the zombies a merry dance about the board. Turn one boring, turn two killed a zombie and carried on, wondering if the game was going to heat up. For a few turns the zombies spawn in their dice generated spawn points really didn’t bother me and I had loads of time to out manoeuvre everything, then starting at the end of turn three everything started to change.

Four zombies the worst amount you can get in a single turn spawned, in a spawn point only a few moves away from me, thinking I would be clever and set everything in Alert, which is a state of readiness which allows the characters to shoot at zombies in their own turn, and it worked I managed to wipe out all four zombies. Due to the shooting it slowed me getting up the board which didn’t help when another 4 zombies spawned as roamers (after reading this the creators of the game got in touch and told me roamers don’t roll for amount of zombies), which means they are placed as close to the characters as possible whilst remaining out of sight, it was about this point that I though great now we have a game on, a horde of zombies was starting to develop but unfortunately it was a bit to close for comfort’ so a rear guard action of firing and moving followed through turns 6 and 7 but my shooting rolls had taken a bit of a dive. another zombie spawn saw me end up with four Zombies one end of the street and two the others become four zombies at either end of the street.

Another turn saw an ok round off shooting but I was seriously beginning to wonder what I was going to do as I was quickly running out off ammunition as I was racking off two or three shots a time to try and fell the merciless chasing hordes. It was the following turn with two of my team down as they had been caught and dragged to the floor by zombies one being bitten once  and the other was bitten twice, which is really not a good thing. As during the main game if a character is taken out the game is lost, I decided to call it a day as that large horde of undead shambling brain-dead wanderers was turning into a very large very angry and very fast horde intent on running me over and devouring my brains.

There is going to be another few articles coming as I try again to finish what I am ashamed to say is the very first mission, and if I can get a camera to film a game, but as this is yet to go to Kickstarter I thought I had better start getting my thoughts of the game, all I can say is it’s a great game so far, the rules are reasonably straight forward to get going with and not to hard to sort out if you get a slightly odd situation, whilst being complicated enough to offer some surprisingly dead game play, although having not made it past turn ten, my view may be somewhat limited at the moment.

I wish I could say that that’s all but there is another mode of play this is one that needs two players minimum as one player plays as the zombies. This player has director cards which can be used during the game but the zombies move as per the rules for the normal mode the main difference is if a Hero falls he is turned over to the zombie player and may be moved by the zombie player, free of any restrictions, kind of like a master zombie who can see everything as you know he is going to chase down the rest of the characters.

As this game is going to kickstarter soon all I can do is encourage you to pledge for the game as I promise you will not be disappointed in the slightest, this game plays like a zombie movie, a slow start, a variable middle, and a firefight and desperate battle for survival, unfortunately my version of the movie ended very early so am going to have to take 2 and try again soon.

4 thoughts on “Z War One: Damnation”

  1. Tempted to pledge in the kickstarter.
    The inevitable comparison is with zombicide. Is there enough differencies to owned both ?
    thanks for your review.

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