Swarming to Victory?

Welcome back!  This week I’ve actually managed to play some games of 40K Conquest using the new Nids.  As I wrote a few weeks ago when I unboxed the new set I think the Swarmlord is the way to go and so I built a deck focused around his and his signature squads abilities.  Basically the plan was to choke my opponent by using the free termagant tokens as cheap command icons.  Without further ado here is the first version;

The Swarmlord
Savage Warrior Prime

4 x Brood Warriors
1 x Bone Sabres
2 x Indescribable Horror
1 x Leviathan Hive Ship

3 x Scything Hormagaunts
2 x Strangler Brood
3 x Termagant Sentry
3 x Toxic Venomthrope
3 x Termagant Horde
3 x Tyranid Warrior
3 x Virulent Spore Sacs
3 x Ripper Swarm

3 x Predation
3 x Spore Burst
2 x Consumption
3 x Spawn Termagants

3 x Parasitic Infestation

3 x Synaptic Link
2 x Digestion Pool

Unfortunately it’s a bit hit and miss.  The first outing saw a total white wash against fellow Team Mostly member Stephen’s Cato Sicarius deck.  Not helped by the two Tactical squads that blowed up all my tokens and that the first four planets were all partially red.  I just couldn’t put up with the pressure and lost very quickly.  Game two saw the flip side of the coin with the bugs locking down command fairly quickly and the Savage Warrior Prime getting stuck in a bit more.  So it’s back to the drawing board to switch out some of the cards that I sighed when I drew or just didn’t really seem to gel as I had anticipated.

Version two switches the synapse creature to Venomthrope Polluter to add to the decks ability to grab command, it’s reaction is excellent and I felt that the extra battle ability of the Prime isn’t quite as good.  The next changes came in the form of more bodies, and more hivemind so in went three Swarm Guard, two Termagant Spikers and a might fatty in the form of one Ravenous Haruspex!  Making way for these additions I dropped Predation since I only used it for shielding; and Synaptic Links which whilst nice just don’t feel as solid as the hivemind rule.

Which to choose?

Also being cut are Digestion Pool and Parasitic Infestation both of which feel pretty bad in the build and frequently do little or nothing.  They are replaced by three Dark Cunning which is an excellent way to turn combat maths on its head and two Mycetic Spores which with the increase in Termagant boosting units give you a lot of flexibility.  This has left the deck with a much more solid feeling.

In testing it went toe-to-toe with Packmaster Kith winning once and loosing once with both games following a similar vein but with mirrored results.  Game one saw Kith do what she does best; winning command and choking me out of cards.  The second match saw the power of the Venomthrope Polluter; moving command icons around whilst the Swarmlord picked his battles to destroy key pieces of Kiths’ forces.   The added manoeuvrability allows for excellent command presence and lets those key abilities get to the right places.  We also tried out Ku’gath Plaguefather since he performs well against Kith decks and this is quite similar.  This was a really tough game but I stuck to the game plan and despite some early set backs and the Swarmlord being almost bloodied on turn two managed a win based almost solely on card advantage.

In conclusion I’d say that the revisions really bolstered the decks strengths and it genuinely seems that the Tyranids are competitive.  The deck is great fun to pilot and has just enough fight in it to give even Space Marines cause for alarm and any deck that can choke Kith can’t be bad right?

Well I’m off to feed the Termagants but check back next week for a recurrence of the Spoils! – Mark


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