November Releases For HALO Fleet Battles.

Halo Fleet battles is starting to get some momentum and the releases are coming thick and fast. The core rule book has a feature on ships so large and powerful that they take up multiple bases, each base having its own damage rating!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed some larger ships in the rule book and got a bit exited about the gigantic Covenant assault carrier. Well it comes out, in a month! The Covenant Assault carrier is a massive instrument of the holy war, capable of burning continents to ash and deploying thousands of troops and raft. A sight no UNSC fleet wants to see!

Assault Carriers are monumental symbols of Covenant power, and among the deadliest implements wielded by the Prophets in their war against humanity. Each Assault Carrier is a potent instrument of conversion and compliance, capable of deploying thousands of troops and numerous fighter craft, backed by an array of devastating energy projectors that can burn entire continents to ash.

The UNSC had it’s own super-carriers to hold the Covenant back, including the famous Punic Class: the Trafalgar.
Each one is loaded with elite crew willing to hold the line against the Covenant’s rampage across human colonies. Many of the UNSC ships are outclassed by their Covenant enemies, relying on numbers and long ranged weaponry. Could the Punic-class be a contender against such impossible odds?

Punic-class supercarriers have served the UNSC well in numerous campaigns and holding actions during the Covenant War, including the heroic last stand above Estuary and as base stations for the decisive counterinsurgency and evacuation operations on Charybdis IX. Unfortunately, the destruction of each supercarrier also means an irreplaceable loss of elite crews and materiel that slowly erodes the UNSC Navy's overall effectiveness. By 2552 only a handful of Punics' remain spaceworthy, including the Trafalgar, pride of Reach's defense fleet.

I for one cannot wait to see the stats for these interstellar gods of war!


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