Reappearances Can Be Deceptive!

Hello again fellow cardboard addicts!  This week we head back to the Spoils to do one of my favourite things; discard pile shenanigans!  The reason I love re-animator decks is that even though they are inevitably a little telegraphed the shocking power available and the ability to turn most of your discard heap into an extension of your hand is a great opportunity!  I’ll start with the deck list:

The Tournament Faction

5 x Greed (2 starting)
1 x Rage
4 x Exploitation
4 x Violence

4 x Dwarvish Grimalkin
4 x Mau Strategist
1 x Mr. Fetch
4 x Expedition Advisor
3 x Erotic Assassin
2 x Balthassar Gristwalter
1 x Grandiose Resurrector
3 x Plunging Shriever
2 x Goutflame Talonclaw
2 x Deadly Striker

4 x Miraculous Regeneration
4 x Overzealous Excavation
4 x Desserted Island
4 x Irresistible Bribe
4 x Shocking Reappearance
4 x Anatidaephobia
4 x Karmic Cake
1 x The Emperor Born

2 x Imperial Palace
2 x Marduun Baitings and Loan
1 x Mau Caravan
1 x Watchtower

The key cards for this deck are Overzealous Excavation and Shocking Reappearance.  These cards do the self milling and importantly the putting giant killing machines into play.  The giant killing machine chosen is Goutflame Talonclaw (yeah I know every time with that guy!) simply because he can upon entry to the battlefield as a surprise blocker two three or even four for one the enemy.  Coupled with that fact that he’s huge so wins the game quickly and has built in protection so can quickly take over the game.

Building around this is easy really, Karmic Cake is a shoe in since we need to hit high thresholds in both trades and it’s recur is important since you will be milling out a reasonable amount of your own deck.  Mau Strategist does the same job and provides you with a stall effect whilst Dwarvish Grimalkin is capable of drawing you a lot of cards especially when coupled with Imperial Palace.   Irresistible Bribe is probably the best non-conditional removal and Anatidaephobia is a god send against various decks (I’m looking at you Stuttershy and you Martial Artists!).

Playing the deck is tonnes of fun but can be a bit technical.  The trick is to draw your opponent into an attack then use the Expedition Advisor’s recur to plonk Goutflame into the dead pile and play Shocking Reappearance when he thought you had nothing going on.  Goutflame does what he does best and wrecks the attacking party and the rest of your opponents board before rampaging to victory in the next few turns!

In the quite likely event that your opponent destroys the dragon he’ll disappear into the resource row and providing you’ve been caking and drawing cards you should be in a good spot to cycle him pretty much straight out!  Obviously there are inherent issues with this plan and against very aggressive decks it does struggle a little unless you can get an early board presence.  It has defences against some decks built in but the deck takes practice to get the most from, the best ploy seems to be patience; you have the tools to stall and doing so makes it look like you don’t have what you need.  You do need to understand that your opponent has the ability to steal your cards from your discard pile or terminate your tactics.  Theoretically it’s possible with a little luck to ‘go off’ on turn three but beware those open resources!

Give it a whirl next time you play and you’ll see that this strategy is highly rewarding if not fool proof!  Check back next week where I’ll discuss my trials and tribulations with deckbuilding for a Game of Thrones!  – Mark

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