BREAKING NEWS: Spartan Black Friday offers.

Hold the front page. Sound the siren. GET ME THE PRESIDENT!

aaaaarghSpartan are offering a SECOND wave of Black Friday Deals.

40% off core box sets for Dystopian wars

40% off core box sets for Firestorm Armarda

Buy one gt a core box free for Planetfall

40% off all two player box sets

AND a Halo bundle that gets you over a third off.

Not too bad.




CMON get a UK Distributer

CoolMiniOrNot (CMON Inc.) has announced today that EBS Hobbies will be the exclusive distributor for its premiere miniature table top games in the UK. This includes Dark Age and Wrath of Kings. David Doust, CEO of CMON Inc., said, “We’re excited to have EBS Hobbies supporting these two brands and helping to get these products onto the tables of fans of miniature war games. We believe with the reach and relationships that EBS Hobbies have built that this partnership will help continue to grow these two already strong and exciting properties.” Brian Edwards of EBS Hobbies added, “We here at EBShobbies are proud to be partnering with CMON for the exclusive distributorship of their miniature gaming lines of Wrath Of Kings and Dark AgeWrath of Kings is the new game not to be missed in the gaming industry andDark Age is a rivaled favorite. CMON have the highest quality miniatures and accessible rules and are by far the best gaming company around today and we are thrilled to be representing them in the UK.”

Dark Age is skirmish level miniatures war game that functions off of a d20 system and takes place on an alien planet where technology is failing and the inhabitants are battling for a chance to escape.

Wrath of Kings is a fully scalable miniatures war game that functions off of a simple d10 system, it also features art and sculpts from the team behind Confrontation.

CMON Inc. is the publisher of premium board and table top games, such as Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage, Rum and Bones, Wrath of Kings, and more.

EBS Hobbies is a leading distributor for table top games in the EU and UK.

Hello, Sweet Prince!

45549172dde2013a06ac7e75901ee5afb888ededHello again!  This week we’re delving back into my massive collection of the Spoils cards to try and make a ridiculous combo deck!  Following the recent banning of the CD machine my life became a micromajigless (well ten or so is closer to none than I’d like) wasteland of sadness and crying puppies.  I’m being a bit dramatic it actually was composed mainly of trying to learn to play Doomtown: Reloaded but the point is that it’s a sad time…
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OSL Painting Tutorial

Taken From Chest of colours

One of the most mysterious and impressive techniques used in miniature painting is the enigmatic OSL, which translates to On-miniature Source Lighting. Whether you like it or not is a matter of personal preference, but why shouldn’t you learn how to use this technique? These tips may be useful for this purpose.

I wanted to explain my way of painting light on miniatures. On our forum we had a discussion about Ana’s spellsinger, and it inspired me to writing this article.

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Rekindling an old flamer (Or how I got into Horus Heresy on the cheap)

When I was a teenager I was desperately in love with Warhammer 40k (40,000). She offered me a new social circle, was great fun an taught me a fair few things. I could spend hours on a Saturday with Warhammer 40k and my friends. My friends loved Warhammer 40k and she got on with them.

As the years went by we both changed. Warhammer 40k wanted more of my money and less of my time. My friends fell out with her due to her erratic and inconsistent changes and one Thursday we went to her place (local GW) and I was told I was only welcome once or twice a month due to lack of tables.


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The Gue’vesa and how they might make Conquest a four horse race!

Welcome back intrepid cardboard fans!  This week we’re going to examine the impact that Decree of Ruins new warlord Commander Starblaze might have on the three horse race that is 40K Conquest.  The three contenders at the moment at Space Marines, Dark Eldar and Eldar and these decks are out infront for a couple of reasons; but will new warlords really change the face of the meta?  Or do we need another full cycle of cards before another faction can be seen as great?

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