Z War One

A little update on possibly one of my favourite Kickstarters todate

The Pacifist has been added to every pledge of Z Day or above.

In this Kicktarter exclusive prequel chapter, Kat & Sam find themselves in a tight spot and are forced to rely on the help of a wandering stranger.

The question is this: In a time of war, just how much help can a man who outright refuses to kill really be?

Sophie is another infected that has been added during the kickstarter.

One of my favourite unlocks of the campaign is the infected heroes, this set allows ‘dead’ heroes that are brought back under the control of the director to be represented in thier ‘newborn’ form.

For more information or to back the project visit the Z War Kickstarter page and back the game, there is a bit of savings to be made and of course you ‘should’ get the game earlier than retail and have all the kickstarter exclusive goodies as well.

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