Run, Fartok Run!

Warlord have a brand new scenario, not yet published – hot off of Rick Priestley’s desk… ‘Run, Fartok, Run!’ – which features the exclusive miniature from the pre-order of Gates of Antares!

Fartok – High Commander of Ghar Battlegroup Nine leads the charge against an Algoryn bastion on Ephra when his forces are suddenly attacked from all sides!

It’s a trap!

Fartok’s battle armour is struck and immobilised. All around him Ghar warriors are either dying or fighting for their lives.

Fartok manages to free himself of his armoured casing, but now he is vulnerable and alone amidst the confusion of battle. Without powerful battlearmour suits Ghar are practically blind, feeble and defenceless. None-the-less they are determined creatures and none more so than Fartok himself…

The exclusive scenario can be downloaded here

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