Z War One is Alive


Over the last few weeks I have spoken about Z War One.

Well today the kickstarter has ended and the project is well and truly funded. I have spoken to the project creator and the brains behind the project and early indication is that it could well be on target for an earlier than planned release, which is great news.


As this is the second time that the game has been kickstarted, the first one was pulled to make the project better, I was a litle worried that the project may fall flat, but after playing the game a few times I can tell you that if you have backed Z War One you are in for a treat, i have a copy of Season One comic which pushes the scenarios along nicely but only the scenarios for season 2 and not the season 2 comic, I must admit I am giving in a little bit to my inner child and admitting I am more than a little excited to see where the story goes.

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