Guild Ball Tournament- Aftermath Winter Open Day 2015

So part of Aftermath Winter Open Day was a Guild Ball tournament.


This was the part of the event I was most looking forward to. Admittedly I predicted the top 2 and was spot on, I was hoping for 3rd or the very least top half off the table, my first game I drew Eds Alchemists and same as the Athena Open resigned myself to getting gutted.

Needless to say Midas proved to be just as much a thorn in my side as he always has in the last three meetings me and Ed have had, needless to say mine and Eds story will continue as we seem to be well matched, it’s just when I loose, I loose hard and quick.

The rest of the tournament was pretty much the same, I just couldn’t hit my stride, nor did it seem that could roll any form off decent dice.

So after Eds Alchemists pretty much took me out in three turns I went the distance with a brewers team which saw me loose badly again.

Followed by another brewers team against someone who had only had a few games, by few I think he actually meant two before the start off the day. I thought I would be in with a reasonable chance but in this game I fell foul off the special rule of the day.

Slippery Pitch, due to icy conditions and sprint action must be followed by a dice roll. on a roll off 2+ nothing happens and your turn continues as normal, on the roll off a one you suffer the knocked down condition. First charge was fine, second, knocked down, brilliant I thought I had it out off the way and steamed forward to end at least one turn with every player on my team flat on their backs.

3 games and three losses, probably my worst tournament result in anything, the good thing about that though is the only way is up.

Last NoBoG of 2015

Yesterday was the final NoBoG of 2015 and as such I didn’t expect that many people to turn up and I certainly didn’t expect to be offered some hand cream either but as it happened there were 33 people there for games and the hand cream was pretty good as well. There were quite a few non gamers at the Mash Tun which meant that bigger games were the order of the day and to that end I joined, Jack, Annie, Shaun, Matt and Davie for a couple goes at 7 wonders, a few rounds of codenames and who could pass up the opportunity for a go at One Night Ultimate werewolf.

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2015 VS 2016

As 2015 is quickly wrapping up and coming to a close I thought it would be a good point to just do a quick re-cap look forward and spin around until your so dizzy that you fall over!wpid-wp-1444471262575.jpg

A play testing session at my house me versus me with the obligatory can of Monster (other brands are available). The result if I remember correctly was I won!

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Mark’s Christmas Round-up!

santa-playing-poker-imageHi all!  We haven’t really been playing a lot of cards this week (we’re too busy cutting out and sticking together plastic dudes).  Plus looking after very excited children and trying to organise ourselves for Friday!  So instead of top tips on a specific game I’m going to do 5 tips for Christmas Day Gaming and a round up of what to look out for in the new year!

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