Judge Dredd

400 million people, and every one of them a potential criminal – welcome to the world of Mega-City One and Judge Dredd – he is the law!


Build a force and take to the streets, playing as the Justice Department or one of their many enemies – the Angel Gang, the Dark Judges, Street Punks, Fatties or even the insane Chief Judge Cal.

if you are looking fro something different in the start of 2016 then to be fair there is a lot of choice out there, but one of my favourite under played games and possibly the subject of a campaign feature next year is Warlords Judge Dredd.


There are quite a few different miniatures and ‘gangs’ available to choose from and from within each gang there is quite a lot of choice and fills the gap of a quick paced Skirmish game with only a hand full of miniatures and some scenery.

A 500 point gang using a street gang (which are a lot cheaper than say the judges) rolls out at 8 models.


So why not have a look and jump into a Mega City of your own devising.



One thought on “Judge Dredd”

  1. Reblogged this on talesfromthemancave and commented:
    Some great info about Judge Dredd here. I have my beady gamer eyes on a set of Gangs on the cheap and might invest post X-Mas.

    Go take a look for yourself and check out the playtests and battle reports I’ve previously posted.



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