When Little People Invade Your Home: Part One

Earlier this year I was informed of a small Kickstarter called Home Raiders, well the whole shebang has been completed within 6 months, yes from funding to door within half a year,which is great going!

So to business with this new game I have the starter set which includes everthing needed to play a small game, the models are 1:1 scale which means they are ‘life-sized’.


The premise of the game is that the bands of brave warriors that you conrol are entering our world to do thier thing, goblins to steal bits, the New Lilliput to keep order, The Lords of Dust disposing of thier filth, actually now I think about it there is no way my dog should molt that much so maybe the Lords of Dust have already found a Portal into my house.

The miniatures are fun, nothing that would stand out and really make you stare, but a solid effort and truth be told much better than I was expecting. Some of the molds could probably do with being tightened up a little bit to reduce some of the flashing, but thats being picky. The Lilliput look almost spot on to the concept art and the Rag Men from the Gremlins I have actually left the mould lines in place as I think they look the part.

Some work in progress

As I said the game is set in your house, so here is one of the most ingenious selling points ever, there is no need to buy scenery at all, grab some utensils from the kitchen a couple off books off a shelf a few dvds throw them on a table and done, your scenery is sorted if you are lucky enough to have small children (thinking girls especially) you can grab the dolls house and play a game in that!

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