A New Year A New You

Well its been a nice start to 2016 but Warlord games Aren’t happy with the start off the year so have decided to make it better by releasing yet another fantastic offer.


Start your year off with a new game, easily done with these Starter Deals – Just grab a rule book or army set from thethe ones in the picture and get a single free, yes FREE, plastic box set from that system. All you need do is go to the Warlord Store and select your Rule book, you’ll then get a drop down menu from which you can select a single plastic infantry set to add for FREE! It’s as simple as that!
For example, if you’ve been kind of thinking about starting that Imperial Roman legion, then there’s no more excuse! Get Hail Caesar and perhaps a box of Praetorian Guard for FREE!

Personally I am very tempted with the Black Powder Rules and some Waterloo British Soldiers, but that would be a bit boring if it was just restricted to the Rule Books there are even more offers here


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