Not Again

Now after flitting around a few companies for news over the last few days we have again been drawn back to Mantic and their Walking Dead: All Out War


Now while I admit I am not a fan off the comics or the TV show, simply because have never got round to them and the TV show was on something like episode 89000 when I eventually did have a bit of spare time.

From the shots we have seen the miniatures do look very nice and very detailed. Unfortunately things may not be all so rosy. According to the latest blog post the miniatures will all be single piece miniatures much akin to the Mars Attacks (not so great) and the Dungeon Saga (hell off a lot better), the problem I find with single cast miniatures is the lack off customisation, yes they can be played straight out off the box which as I look at a box of Abyssal sprues I appreciate the thought, but I just find them a bit impersonal.


Mantic do how ever seem to be doing a much better job with these single piece sculpts than they did with Mars Attacks so at least that is a plus point.


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