Infernal Update

Wartorn games have released an update to backers of its Kickstarter project Infernal, it seems that packaging the pledges is well underway, with all but the major pledges packed and nearly quarter of the way through quality control checks completed it looks like this project could be a reality for many gamers soon.


This project which i first started talking about here was due around January this year so all things considered with a Kickstarter I would tentatively say that this one is as near to on time as any I have participated in, so the guys have been hard at work to bring their dream to your table and I believe that those that have backed the game will be very happy, will those others who didn’t will have to wait a little while longer to get hold of a copy at retail, shame on you.


Hopefully next week I can get hold of one of the design guys behind Infernal and if they are able to function properly after a busy day of packing get the low down on whats next for what will hopefully be a game that will soon explode in a FLGS near you soon.




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