Relics C’Thu

Currently on Kickstarter Relics by Tor Gaming have a successfully funded project to bring a new race to the world of Relica

From the depths of the deepest, darkest swamps of Relicia, the Cult of C’thu emerges. Its origins seeped in betrayal of the most heinous kind.

Lord C’thu commands his minions from the shadows, whispering his unholy wishes into the eager ears of his chosen avatars. One of these devotees has surpassed all others in his pursuit of power and has assumed the mantle of leader and with it the authority to conduct the affairs of the cult on behalf of his malevolent master, he his known as Xavius Prime and from the glades of the Krakenshearth he plots to bring a terrible plague of madness upon all of Relicia.

C'thu Starter Set Sculpts

The starter set looks incredibly detailed and the amount of models that have been unlocked is incredible and you can probably get a massive army together really quickly.

Click to download this image.

The picture shows just what you can get with the £180 smart pledge, to pledge you can follow this link which will take you straight to the kickstarter page. Be warned though there is only 10 days left to jump in on this great offer.


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