The UK gets a Victors’ Curcuit

The Spoils Tournament – the Victors’ Circuit

Our favourite TCG, The Spoils, is holding Regional events across the pond, and we decided it wasn’t fair of the Americans to have all the fun – we are planning our very own event over here! Full details are still to be confirmed, but we expect to be holding our own Victors’ Circuit Regional event in Kent in early March. The main event will be sealed format using Seed Saga boosters, and there will be a side event of an ‘XGF‘ Constructed tournament, as well as, if time and space allow, the time to play casual games!

Prizes will depend upon entrant numbers, with more prizes becoming available with more players, but the prizes we can guarantee are as follows: First Prize will be £50 cash, 24 The Spoils booster packs, alternate art and promo cards, card sleeves, and if you fancy going over to the US for Gen Con, you’ll get your Gen Con entry for free!!! There’s also product prizes for 2nd to 4th place including more promo cards and sleeves, and everyone in the Top 8 will get a Victor’s Playmat, Dice, Resource cards, and invites to the The Spoils Championships! Whew!


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