Riding in Metal Boxes with Night Lords!

So I’ve been a busy boy and thought I’d show off a bit.  Since I like infantry armies I thought I’d treat my almost company sized amount of Marines to something to hide in!
100_4669.JPGFollowing my use a spray can and dip method I thought I’d get some transfers to spruce the dudes and their transports up a bit too.  I think I need a bit of practice but quite like the results!


Hopefully they’ll last long enough on the field to let people see my efforts!  The total amount of painted Night Lords is 23 Infantry and 3 Vehicles.  56 Infantry and 1 Vehicle to go!

Next job is sticking together the a whole heap more infantry for spray-canning!

I’ll update in a few weeks! – Mark

5 thoughts on “Riding in Metal Boxes with Night Lords!”

    1. Yes, I bought myself the Forgeworld transfers (mainly for the chapter symbols) but figured I may as well use the lightning bolts for vehicles. I felt confident to do them on the Marines by hand but the size and neatness required was a bit daunting tbh! Glad you like them!

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