Warlord Games does Zombies!

As announced last year, Warlord Games are working closely with Wargames Factory to exclusively distribute their plastic wargame kits worldwide.


The deal gave Warlord Games access to all of the dark future apocalyptic ranges featuring Zombies, Survivors and several unreleased models including a Biker gang and Special Ops military.

You would have thought people would be getting board of Zombies by now, well apparently not, and coming just days before The Walking Dead Kickstarter begins the timing of this announcement is impeccable.

It seems the guys at Warlord have gone a bit overboard over the last few months modelling, painting and converting models from the Zombie range that they couldn’t help themselves but produce a whole game system, entitled Project Z!

“Unlike the various boardgames on the market, Project Z is a proper tabletop skirmish wargame with freedom of movement, terrain, stat-lines, etc, etc. Packed with undead mayhem, the game is quick and fun, packed with awesome models, hordes of Zombies and buckets of dice!”


Project Z is due to be available from Warlord Games in April this year supported by a complete range of plastic box sets. Warlord plan to showcase Project Z at the Salute wargames show this year so visit us there and take a closer look!

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