The Brotherhood Rides

On Friday I took part in Final Re-rolls first Freebooter’s Fate night, my Brotherhood against Carls Pirates we decided that as Carl only had the Pirates starter set to go starter vs starter but as I had more points than him I changed my Harlequin for another Coscritti, which leveled the points up at 285 Doubloons.

Miniature Design by Werner Klocke

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Salute Lists Unveiled

A few days ago the lists were revealed for Salute, who would be there and what games would be on display.

According to the list on the Salute webpage there is a shade over 85 demo games planned for the day, now considering Salute is only open to the public from 10:00 to 17:00 thats a lot to try and fit in, and thats with out trying to get round the stands that dont have demos or the traders stalls.

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Scourge Invade

One of my favourite games of the last few years has been Dropzone Commander this game is pretty straight forward to play, easy to get into and the starter sets for all Armies are nicely balanced whi you start adding them up, and with a faction for everybody.

So to reboot my playing time with DZC I am talking a look at the races available starting with the Scourge.

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In Midnight Clad (with Jump-packs!)

Firstly apologies to those of you who wanted to see what’s going on last week and got nothing.  The machine spirit of the laptop has been appeased and everything seems fine again.  Well It does have to have ‘sacred’ words shouted at it every now and then!  Anyway on to this weeks edition, where I managed to get some dudes finished!In Midnight Clad 004.jpg Continue reading In Midnight Clad (with Jump-packs!)