VASA CLAUs unleashed and Free Custom Dice for Backers

click for high resolution image

The Vasa Clau teams aer now unlocked for Age of Tyrants as well as a new sets of dice.

Age of Tyrants is now fully funded, so will be a reality, probably late Summer time so there really is no reason not to pledge and pick up this epically small scale large forces game.


Normally I like pledges that are nice and simply pledge x and get y, Age of Tyrants isn’t doing that instead you can pick what items you want up to the amount you have pledged.

The good thing is the team have already ‘pre-selected’ various options so there is no need to work things out othetr than any normal add ons or extras you may want.

So keeping it a bit more simple. Remember you can also sign up for the Age of Tyrants newsletter as well.


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