Athena Spring Open t-6


This Saturday is the Spring Open Guild Ball Competition at Athena Games.

Currently at 14 players registered on Tie Break and soon will be time to start getting the team sheets in and getting everything ready to go, the scenery should almost be set, thanks to Battle Hammer and Athena Games are getting some shiney new mats in, so fingers crossed all in progressing well, prize support is being provided via Jay from Steamforged Games.


So all I have to do know is chill and get ready, the only problem is outside of my pundit required 2 demo teams (although I have three) painted and ready to rock the rest off the team looks like a pick and mix from the nearly finished and just started collections.

I think my team sheet at the moment will just consist of whatever I happen to manage to get finished painting


Another update and maybe some pictures tomorrow.


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