EDEN, The Fluff, The Miniatures, The Game

So this morning I have spent a few hours looking over the Eden rulebook, actually thats a very small white lie I have been pouring over the first part of the Eden rulebook, which contains what we gamers comonally refer to as ‘fluff’, the back story of the game, this sets the scene for everything to follow, and will probably influence what you are going to do in the game.


Eden is a game set in 2260 AD, years after the last World War, you will take on the role of a small gang, representing a faction of the inhabitants of Eden, some are good and chivalourous others and mean, degenerated mutants, most are somewhere inbetween.

The first part of the ‘fluff’ gives you the story of earth from around 2111 through to 2260 AD including the wars and shaping of the politics on a Global Scale before zooming into Europe which is the setting for the game and the place now known as EDEN. Rich in detail and flavour this sets the scene nicley for a closer look at each of the gangs, giving you the History of each Faction, the Geography and the Culture that forms the basis for how they live and how they perceive thier standing in the new world order.



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