50 days left to Salute

In 50 days time Salute will be everywhere, well just to make sure you know whats going on lets take a look at just a few of the companies that will be in attendance.


Mantic Games, fresh out off another kickstarter Mantic will be at Salute this year, they will have there usual stand  (Stand TE03) which will have all sorts off goodies available on the day and possibly a few demo games as well as displays of some of their miniature ranges and games. As well as that Chesterfield Gaming Society will be providing demo games of Kings of War Mantics premier Flagship of 28mm Fantasy with visitors able to drop in and out of a large number of different scenarios being run through out the day.


Bendy boards will be in attendance (stand TE18) hopefully they will have a nice range available and on display, for me I really like there perspex Guild Ball team trays which both look nice and are very functunal, as well as being availbale in MDF and Plastic.


Above you can see Matthew Parkers Butchers Guild Ball team mounted on a Bendy Boards Mob Ball tray waiting to be judged in the painting competition at Athenas Spring Open Tournament.


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