Further to my shopping list…

Some of you may have seen my article on Sunday outlining a couple of things I’m looking at getting my grubby mitts on whilst at Salute.  Principally these involved even more Afterlife stuff and potentially getting into Infinity.  Well there are so many stands and traders that I thought I’d put up a whistle-stop tour of contenders for my money on the day…


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Dagger Team One!!

Dagger Team painted by James Evans

Showing up on the vast space that is the Facebook are some nice shots of people’s renditions of Dagger Teams for the game Infernal.

Last year at Salute they had a massive immersive board full off studio miniatures, this year those miniatures are appearing in hobbyist hands, hopefully in my hands as well after Salute.

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River Horse at Salute

This afternoon I turn my attention to the world of River Horse.  Creators of the Terminator:Genisys game as well as Waterloo – “Quelle Affaire!” and a series of other chess like games they have been integral in the process of bringing some other much loved titles to our tables, not least of which are Dreadball and Bolt Action.  But what can we expect to see at their Salute stand this year?

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Westwind at Salute

One thing I like about Westwind is the driving force behind it, Wendy is an absolute star and a genuine nice person who loves games and gamers, and always has time for a quick chat. I covered Empire of the Dead a while back and Salute will give me a chance to reconnect with Westwind and maybe get a new box.


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Great Escape Games at Salute

geg trentIn the run up to Salute me and Mark are trying to contact as many people as possible, one to secure toys for our grubby mits and two to see whats what and see if we can get any super secret information.

Great Escape Games is one of those companies and it looks like it will be a busy stand as they will have 8 product lines available as well as a demo game.

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Anvil Industry & Afterlife

Science fiction is most certainly my bag (in case you hadn’t noticed) and the miniatures of Anvil Industry certainly tick that box.  Not only do they make superb resin models and bases in the genre I enjoy most but they are behind their own near-future wargame Afterlife.20160311_194828

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UK Events Calander

Morning guys and girls how is the hobby going today? Hopefully better than mine as there seems to be a slight technical glitch somewhere beyond our realms of control which has rendered the UK Events Calendar virtually empty.

Until I can sort this problem out, which will hopefully be tonight, I have taken the step off removing the calander for the site until such time that it is fit for purpose and will update accordingly.


Many Thanks