Inspired by Mark

So over the last few weeks I have been following Marks exploits with the Night Lords I have decided that I am going to start producing regular articles on my main favourite games, the flavour of these will vary from week to week with the first one being centered on Freebooter’s Fate. A few weeks ago I played my first game ever, and my Brotherhood did me proud even though I lost, JUST!

This week my Brotherhood took on C’s Pirates again and absolutely played blindingly, other than turn one I didn’t drop the initiative, so from turn three on was pretty much able to kill someone at the start of every turn. The game which featured live picture updates via Facebook was not closely fought battle where I came out on top. Almost every hit caused a crit, and I managed to double crit two off the board including his leader and the lowly deckhand that remained was taken out so ultimately while trying to run away, I think the model may have to be retired.

Why did I do so well I’m the second game, I changed my crew while C was still using a starter crew, this gave me more ‘shooting’ options which is the Brotherhood starter box main fall down against the pirates, on top off that I had spent a bit off time with the rules. Seeing what goes where and when special Traits were applicable, for example ‘Agile’ makes even close range shots use the long range profile, not normally a big problem but it helped keep me alive and my crew in one piece.

Adombra and the Master Assassin where my go to charactors for killing things racking up two kills each whilst my two deckhands mainly played supporting roles.


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