Dark Star at Salute

Continuing on with our coverage off Salute 2016, lets have a quick look at Darkstar Miniatures.


Now if you are by the Darkstar Miniature stand if you pop over they will be doing demos all day off their range of paints, metallic and inks my five year old would love that, you may also see some off their fantasy miniatures or busts, my favourite is Pixie Trixter as shown above, personally I am very interested in seeing how their inks work as washes just seem to annoy me at the moment so looking for an alternative for detailing.

Darkstars new metallics range which will be on display have, to quote themselves, ‘a shine like no other’ quite a lofty claim i may have to take advantage of their show offer (3 for £7.60) to test them at home, unfortunately though they havent got a nice metallic blue for my Covenent fleet.


As if that wasn’t quite enough to keep you there for a few minutes at Salute this year they are releaseing a new 75mm model sculpted by Mike Blank, and some new pigments, and maybe a but or two of Arnie.


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