Westwind at Salute

One thing I like about Westwind is the driving force behind it, Wendy is an absolute star and a genuine nice person who loves games and gamers, and always has time for a quick chat. I covered Empire of the Dead a while back and Salute will give me a chance to reconnect with Westwind and maybe get a new box.


West wind produced the hugely entertaining Empire of the Dead as well as Secrets of the Third Riech, as well as the Forged in Battle ranges, on the day if you look in your goody bag there should be a very special miniature that can be used in Empire of the Dead, and guess what, there will even be a demo table so you can try out the rules for the Salute 2016 show model there and then, if the demos are being run by John, which I am sure they will be, you will be in for an entertaining 15 minutes, just try not to feed him anything with to much sugar in as he might get a bit to bouncy!

This year if you buy any five items from the stall you get one free, I have a feeling this one could be the one that gets me in serious trouble when I get home, and there is a lot of choice to be had as Westwind produces the biggest and most comprehensive collection of Steampunk miniatures, in itself that’s no mean feat.

There will also, I am reliably informed be a selection of pre-release samples off the brand new War and Empire 15mm range from Forged in Battles that are due for release in September.

Just in case you didn’t realise the show model was sculpted by Westwinds very own Andy Cooper as well.



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