Dagger Team One!!

Dagger Team painted by James Evans

Showing up on the vast space that is the Facebook are some nice shots of people’s renditions of Dagger Teams for the game Infernal.

Last year at Salute they had a massive immersive board full off studio miniatures, this year those miniatures are appearing in hobbyist hands, hopefully in my hands as well after Salute.

So what so good about Infernal, well for a start there are no good guys in the game, apart from the poor luckless npc’s whose only task is to die and feed the immense machines of horror, preyed on by the Dagger Teams as well as the Tortured Souls a civilian is not the role of choice in the game Infernal.

Another reason I love this game is Spider Bitch the model is big and impressive and even though I am slightly arachnophobic looks awesome! In fairness all Infernal models look good this one is just so much better. It’s a self made yard stick that I look forward to seeing them try and beat, but John was waxing lyrically last year about some concepts he had for the game that varied from cool to slightly stomach turning, this year he is being chained to the demo table at Salute, so hopefully I will be able to bribe him with cups off tea tantalizingly out of reach and get some good deals and maybe some sneak peaks as to what is coming up soon..

Talking to the team, even with a disappointing showing on the Kickstarter they are going to plough ahead with the game and grow it traditionally, a route I think will do the game justice I feel, as the game will be able to grow organically, just need to wait until it hits critical mass.

The models are easily comparable to some games companies who have been in business for several years as the quality is really nice and the detail looks nice and crisp as well.



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