Further to my shopping list…

Some of you may have seen my article on Sunday outlining a couple of things I’m looking at getting my grubby mitts on whilst at Salute.  Principally these involved even more Afterlife stuff and potentially getting into Infinity.  Well there are so many stands and traders that I thought I’d put up a whistle-stop tour of contenders for my money on the day…


So firstly I will say that historical isn’t really my bag so I’ve skipped over those poor guys even though many look fantastic.  I could maybe make an exception for something Dark Ages based though…

I’ve also avoided commenting upon any of the multi-line traders.  I’m sure they’ll all have excellent deals and lots of stock on the day but it wouldn’t be fair on any one of them to comment on the others.  Instead I’ll focus on those stands with specifically there own lines.

First on the list is Anvil Industry.  I’ve already written about them at length so lets not do that again (fanboy-Ed).  Next up is Battle Systems, makers of wicked looking pre-printed cardboard scenery that will fill up your tables nicely!  Hasslefree are always good value for something a bit different and in a similar vein Blight Wheel Miniatures do some interesting stuff too.

Everybody knows the score with Mantic games and Forge World but both stands are worth spending time at.  I’ll almost certainly pick up some bases from Micro Art for any new forces I might grab whilst I’m in the area.  Guild Ball has been on my radar for a while but I’ve so far resisted the temptation…

131257647Broken Toad is probably worth a butchers at if you’re after high quality painting supplys to go with all those figures you’ve got to hide on the way in!  If like me you like fallout make sure to check out Brother Vinni and Thunderchild who both make the post-nuclear world look appealing and sticking with post apocalyptic Dead Earth looks pretty good too!  Open Combat from Second Thunder is tantalising; a fully customisable fantasy/pre-gunpowder skirmish game that’s got campaign rules, plays in under an hour and on a 24″ x 24″ table so you can play it at home if you don’t live in a castle.

FA-EMCrooked Dice make 7TV which is a game with a niche all of its own and I’m pretty keen on having a look.   Bushido looks good too and even if I can’t get a game the figures look very cool indeed!  Gripping Beast make both Saga (which if you haven’t played it is very good) and Jugula which seems like Spartacus the TV show (except all the naughty bits)!  Modiphius are doing ace looking things and are pretty high on my list of people to see.  Riverhorse will have all kinds of big name goodness that I’m looking forward to having a play of.  I’m liking the look of Warploque too though…

Scenery wise I’m considering the purchase of a mousemat style 4×4 battleground from Deepcut and possibly some buildings from Plastcraft Games who make sweet looking buildings in various styles.  Sarissa Precision and TT Combat have superb ranges of scenery too so it’ll be interesting to compare them and see the score.

OK so my shortlist is much longer than anticipated and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to hide some new stuff from the missus after all (I’m preaparing my borderline lie already for when I’m discovered).  It certainly looks like I’m going to be a busy boy on the day anyway!  Until next time happy gaming! – Mark



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