Salute Tomorrow

In just over 12 hours me and Mark will be entering Salute like kids in a Candy store.

The last month for me has been trial and tribulation after testing and taxing times, throughout it all Mark has stayed the course and continued putting out new articles.

Once salute is out off the way and things are settling down nicely after a few kickstarter deliveries and I am back on form for my writing, then Tabletop Games UK is going to get a face lift as I will be getting a commission done for a brand logo and such, from summer all our T-shirts, cards and sites will match and provide an instantly recognisable ‘brand’ that I am to continue to grow and expand all the way to the next Salute, which if my maths is correct will be the second and a half birthday of Tabletop Games UK.

Thanks for all your support and for continuing to visit, and we will see some off you tomorrow.


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