Spartan Games at Salute 2016

Spartan games as usual had lots of demo games and lots to see and as it has the name Halo attached to it was very busy.


Some pictures from the Halo Fleet Battles displays and demo boards.20160416_133835.jpgThe ADP escort ships and the DSC Support ships look really nice.20160416_133846.jpgSo nice in fact I clean forgot that the UNSC had some new releases as well, whoops.20160416_133847.jpg20160416_133941.jpgThe Firestorm Armada display boards don’t look as if they have changed much from last year.20160416_133949.jpg20160416_133943.jpg20160416_133952.jpg20160416_135603.jpgKR Cases have released a new range of Halo cases which have custom foam and a nice logo on it, as well as being really practical with plenty of room.20160416_135612.jpg20160416_135620.jpg20160416_135622.jpgHal Ground Combat which will be released in summer was there and seriously, if you are a fan of the games on the console you are going to love the feel of this game, looking like most of the core mechanics come from Halo Fleet Battle the miniatures are great.20160416_135649.jpg20160416_135654.jpg







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