Warlord April Deals

Yesterday Warlord announced several special deals so lets see just what is on offer, please note these offers may run out/be removed/exdended as Warlord see fit they are nothing to do with us.



This action packed starter is ideal for anyone who wants to get a flavour of Bolt Action or just grab a great bargain!

Only available until the end of April (or while stocks last), this pack includes 1 plastic frame with 6 German Grenadiers as well as 1 of our fantastic easy to build and paint resin Panzer IV F2/G tanks. These tanks saw action from March 1942 in the deserts of North Africa and the Russian Eastern front.

A tank and six granadiers all for the princely sum off £15 is really good value as the panzers normally cost in the region of £18, you can get yours from the warlord store.

Army Starter Deals:


Whatever your flavour of history is Warlord are going to have you covered as they are now offering 15% off their starter armies for Bolt Action, Black Powder and Hail Ceaser, you can find out more and what is in each set by going to their webstore .


Its not really a surprise that these offers have appeared and/or being promoted straight after Salute, where they had demo games of nearly everything and an awesome looking game of tank wars on going, every year Warlord seem to raise the game and almost every week they are releasing new ranges, or products after a brief chat with my man in the know, the next 6 months, well to the end off the year really are going to be an exciting battle between my wife and the amount of room on my shelving unit, but more on that next week when I have had a proper chance to digest what is going on and confirm a few things.



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