Sunday Colour #1

Sadly I have been more than a little poorly this week so I haven’t had a chance to really do much painting.  That’s a shame since this is meant to be the first in my weekly painting diary.20160422_212418

I did manage to get the base coats on the fur done for Van Untaldech’s Reavers (above).   I don’t really have enough energy to do anything more than outline my plans for the Sunday evening slot (sorry).

Going forwards Sunday nights will be document my struggle to get all of my projects done.  Obviously that’ll never happen because it’s sooo much quicker to buy new figures than actually paint the old ones.  I’m still going to try though.

My current total amount of unfinished projects stands at six; Night Lords company (sort of), Tau (which amount to a massive 800 points!), Freebooters Fate Amazonians (only four of them), Infinity Qapu Khalqi army (I should start them…), Burrows and Badgers (just the six so far…) and my Afterlife mercenaries.   So if you want to watch me fail at this then please check back every week! -Mark


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