Slow Going

So at the moment everything in my life is just on some sort of go slow hiatus at the moment.


Mark is doing a grand job off filling out his bits and pieces but as weeks go by I am slowly starting to lose the will to do very much. The picture above is my Concord force for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Which I stripped down and restarted a few weeks ago, the plan was with my enforced time away from my real job I could get so much done, and it started great I made some really big dents in reading, playing and painting, instead just washing then took two hours and seemed to drain the life out off me.

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Learning Curve Part V

20160514_202033Hello and welcome back to my on going attempts to learn how to break into, start collecting and then hopefully playing the game.  This week I’m going to discuss Burrows and Badgers because it’s a game that I really enjoyed painting up and I think looks great at least.  Since the rules are available from the website I’ll be pretty open about discussing the rules and my thoughts on warband construction!

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Sunday Colour #4

20160514_201216Sorry that I missed last week but I hadn’t made any progress due to various real life things so figured I’d just catch up this week.  I really don’t have that much to write about so I’m just going to put a load of pictures up for you to look at because I have so many figures to do and not enough time to do them in!

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Learning Curve: Chapter Three

20160504_212245Welcome back to my ramblings about my experiences with games and the occasionally steep learning curve that we all must navigate.  Over the last two weeks I have assembled, based and started to paint my forces.  That last struggle will be documented in the Sunday column from this point onwards whilst we concentrate on gaming on Wednesdays.  This week we’ll take the next logical step and assemble a force.  That’s quite a task in itself sometimes and nowhere that I’ve seen do you have the options you do in Open Combat.
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