Sunday Colour #2

20160430_220913Welcome back to my weekly painting diary.  This week I’m going to delve into the methods I use I use when I’m not speed painting and the products I’ve been using.

In the main I paint for a reason and find that even this section of the blog helps immensely with that focus.  So if I have a game or an event that requires certain figures I always do my best to get them finished in time.  That sometimes means that I have to compromise on style to get the job done.

20160426_214502I have found a solution to that issue in the Wargames Foundry paint system.  Each carefully designed colour comes as a set of three, a shade, main tone and highlight.  I almost always use them in that fashion without any mixing involved.  I find that this gives me a great deal of flexibility without having to spend ages mixing paints!  But for those occasions when I’m painting for fun I can blend them nicely too.

The paints are great quality and come in a huge variety so I pretty much only use them now.  I don’t have a lot of luck with brushes though (read I don’t take good care of my brushes) and find that the citadel ones actually work pretty well for me and I really need a better palette though so if anybody has any suggestions that’d be neat?  Does brush soap work?

So my progress has been pretty slow to be honest but the plan is to get the Oathsworn minis done by the weekend after next and the base coating on the infinity miniatures finished this week.  That’s a lot of work; I’d better get started! -Mark



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