Armoured Syndicate Update

Mark Latham, (previously responsible for work on such titles as:  the Batman Miniature Game, Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, Sedition Wars, Star Wars: Edge of Empire RPG, The Walking Dead and Kings of War 2nd Ed) so not really that big a deal talks about writing the rules for armoured syndicate. both the Batman Miniatures Game and the Marvel Universe games are great and Kings of War 2nd edition is just going from strength to strength so you know this ruleset is going to have some legs on them.


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Learning Curve Act Seven

20160624_220958[1]Hi all.  This week you’ll be pleased to know that I actually managed to play some games!  I’m going to concentrate on a particular game each week and this week I am talking Tribal!  This is a game one of my friends picked up at Salute and it centres around the violent conduct of the Maori.  It is however useable in any pre-gunpowder setting so for our games we re-played England (Saxons) vs Wales (Welsh).  Despite being the most English player at the table I ended up being the Welsh…
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Big League Deck

The Big League Campaign DeckThe Big League deck is now available for pre-order. This deck is going to be critical for those wishing to take part in and run a Big League which is the new season 2 Campaign method of playing Guild Ball and it looks fantastic, as well as being fully prize supported by Steam Forged.

Inside the pack you will find

9 Guild Sponsorship Cards

12 Favour Cards

46 Generic Cards

72 Guild specific Cards


The Big League Deck is available from Friday 1st July.


Some Stats For you

Last weekend I ran my third Sanctioned Guild Ball Tournament, The Summer Open at Athena Games and I thought I would share a few stats with you.

Spoony playing Engineers scored no goals in the tournament.

Grant playing Fishermen scored no Take Outs

Ben with a Union Team and Spooney with his Engineers were the most Brutal Players with 14 Take Outs Each

Highest Scorer of the day was Lee Parry with 9 goals.

$ rounds played and 101 Goals scored and a body count of 144.

An introduction to Bushido

Bushido is a game of savage battles, of cunning stratagems and last-ditch defences, and where debts of honour are paid in blood. In Bushido, the fate of the world hangs not on armies but on individual heroes, men and women of extraordinary capacity, attuned to the all-permeating life force known as Ki. This force is the very fabric of the universe, and those with the appropriate training or natural talent can tap into this energy source and gain seemingly superhuman powers. In the world of Bushido, the delicate tapestry of Ki – and thus the universe itself –is threatened by the forces of imbalance, and it is up to you to protect it – or help rip it apart. In a game of Bushido, nothing less than the universe itself is at stake. Are you ready for the challenge of the Way of the Warrior?

The Ito clan starter set
The Ito Clan Starter Set


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New M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo

Press home your attack with the superior frontal armour to protect you and either the 75mm or 76mm gun to keep your enemies on their toes!


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Knowing D-Day approached, and in order to assault fortifications, the US army looked to ‘upgrade’ the standard M4A3 Shermans.

M4A3E2 Jumbo

The resultant tank arrived in the June–July 1944, with the US Army receiving a limited run of some 250 M4A3E2 Jumbo heavy assault tanks. Equipped with very thick (100mm) frontal armor (glacis plate), sloped at a steeper angle than normal to eliminate the hull bulges on the standard glacis, and a further 150mm of armour to the front of the turret. It was praised for being the only US tank able to survive a direct hit from a German 88. The 43 ton heavy assault tank arrived armed with the reliable 75mm gun in a new, heavier, T23-style turret.


As the Americans gained more bitter experience against the heavier armoured and better gunned German tanks the call went out to re-arm all the M4s to the 76mm, this project would eventually be canceled due to the many difficulties presented by the small turrets of the M4, the Jumbo however had the larger turret already, so in February 1945 Patton’s third army was to refit in field workshops (adding the .50cal mount at the same time to replace the older .30cal). Eventually other armies followed suit and some 100 M4A3E2 were converted with the new 76mm.

In Bolt Action

This beast has a good chance of survival and has a psychological shock value you could use to your advantage. Look to advance ahead of your infantry, making use of the superior armour to make direct assaults.

Cost: 212pts (inexperienced), 265pts (Regular), 328pts (Veteran).
Weapons: 1 gyro-stabilised turret-mounted medium anti-tank gun with co-axial MMG and forward facing hull-mounted MMG.
Damage value: 10+ (heavy tank).
May add a pintle-mounted HMG on the turret for +25pts .
May exchange the 75mm medium anti-tank gun for a 76mm heavy anti-tank gun for +35pts (losing the HE special rule shown below).
Special Rules:
HE: instead of causing D2 HE hits, an HE shell causes D6 hits (75mm gun tanks).
Easily catches fire: If a roll on the vehicle damage table results in the vehicle catching fire add D3 pin markers rather than just 1 before taking a morale test.
Slow: a Sherman up-armoured to a heavy tank is slow – its move is reduced to 6”advance and 12” run.